Fredster grew up in a small town in Northern France. He studied Art and graphic design in Belgium and then moved to Paris where he worked as a graphic designer and organized small queer alternative parties where he met many inspiring and creative people who eventually led him back to drawing.
Since 2005, Fredster has been devoting himself more and more to drawing time. Focusing on the male figure, he works to deconstruct archetypes of virility to explore new images of masculinities.

Fredster now lives in Nantes, he contributed to several art exhibitions, queer festivals and residencies in Turin (IT), Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Arles (FR), Leipzig (DE) and Montréal (CAN).

His work has been published in magazines and fanzines in Germany, Italy, France, Canada, and Spain. Since July 2017 Fredster is running ‘Chaudes,’ a fanzine dedicated to homo-pornographic drawings. He also published two screen-printed books of his work in 2013/2014.
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